who is OYA?

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At OYA, we value Wellness, Learning, Healing, and Transformation in every single one of our services, activities, and offerings in every location.

By finding mental and spiritual wellness in yourself, you will be better able to make the kind of connections that allow you to love wisely and move forward in life consciously. 


There is no check in, no money necessary on site, roam freely and do what inspires you. OYA will provide you with a personal guide to show you your options and help you create your own rituals that you will take back home on your way to living mindfully.

OYA is an immersive experience that can be hyper personalized to each individual’s needs of healing and transformation. 


OYA is also a community of collaboration and connection. OYA provides spaces to cook and eat together, play together, sing together, learn together, and engage in wonder together. OYA teaches through experience. 


Keep it private or connect with others. It’s up to you. 


  • We blend ancient healing practices and rituals with modern technology to create a holistic approach to better health. 
  • We have the tools to put your mind, body, and spirit in the optimal state to do what it does best... heal.
  • We teach you how to integrate all of it into your current lifestyle
  • We help you to live sustainably
  • Our focus is on quality of life not just quantity of days
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Purchases of Global Pass, Local Pass or Business Pass NFT memberships will get the added benefit of contributing to the different non-profits and charities OYA holds dear. My Life My Planet, Association AEM are all organizations helping the planet & humanity thrive.

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Q1 2023
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    Successful Entrepreneur, Founder of aconglomerate The 5D group.

    CEO of Mycobriah, cancer & covid biomedical research firm. And a philanthropist, leading the MyPlanetweb.com organization, supporting good causes throughout the spectrum of health, sustainability & construction.

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    Designer - focused on innovations in architecture & building systems. Philanthropist - founder of MyLifeMyPlanet.org, a non profit organization focused on synchrony of eastern & western medical systems. Founder of TheBespokeVenue.com, wedding & event company.

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    Entrepreneur/Investor dedicated to making the world a little bit better for my children. Has spent decades supporting projects and helping people who are all about changing how society functions.

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    Farmer & permaculture specialist, based in Dominican republic. An accomplished and dynamic Chief Marketing Officer and Marketing Director with a track record leading a global marketing team covering digital and social marketing.

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    An accomplished and dynamic Chief Marketing Officer and Marketing Director with a track record leading a global marketing team covering digital and social marketing, PR and Brand Management. Expertise driving KPIs across sales, leads, conversions, and general marketing while reducing costs.



    Experienced in multiple fields from education to entertainment to economics to energy to farming, spanning 8 countries and 5 continents. “ My goals are to lay a foundation for a cultural and individual change in how humans interact in communities and with the environment.


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