The only membership which takes you on a journey of your mind, body & soul.

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$1999/Year for Standard Membership

There is currently a waiting list to become member of OYA’s community.

Apply now and OYA will contact you as soon as new spot opens up.

OYA has a limited resort availability due to customized experience tailor made for each member.

Visit our existing & Future locations

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The Dominican Republic

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The Jungle

Venture into the rainforest 18.483402° N / -69.929611° W
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The Forest

Let the river take you 37.926868° N / -78.024902° W
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The Peninsula

Coming soon! 40.416775° N / -3.703790° W
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New York

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The Mountains

In the heart of the Catskills 40.730610° N / -73.935242° W
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The Mediterranean

Zakynthos island 37.983810° N / 23.727539° W
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The desert

Coming soon! -2.586166° N / 29.689026° W
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The Land of a Thousand Hills

Coming soon! 47.921230° N / 106.918556° W
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Coming soon!

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OYA is searching

Reach out to us if you think you have found OYA’s next location

OYA locations will be accessible starting from summer 2023 in the above order.

Unlock lifetime membership via OYA NFTs

Starting at $1,000

Limited to only first 225 memberships

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  • “Oya, world's most forward-thinking community“

  • “Transform your lifestyle“

  • “Progressive health & wellness eco-esort“

  • “OYA’s Transformation concierge will guide your path to self improvement Experience OYA“

  • “OYA is fusing eastern and western wisdom and technologies”

  • “Community of likeminded people”

  • “Oya is The Ultimate Journey Experience“

  • “Experience, Learn, share, transform, collaborate“

  • “We’re lifestyle visionaries, bringing you immersive experience of your lifetime”

  • “From shamans and indigenous wisdom to Biohacking and neuroscience”

  • “I feel so relaxed after the treatment. Superb people”

  • “From Biohacking to Mindfulness”

  • “From Luxury to Nature. Gradual rediscovery of your life”

What you will get


Personal Transformation concierge


Digital access to OYA’s healers & therapists


+1 guest access friends & family guest pass


OYA Box with Power Ups


Special rates on OYA products & merch


Health scan & Lifestyle Analysis


VIP island Gala


Discount on EZ Rider Tours, Access to OYA Beach Club


Access to OYA Beach Club


Meet OYA’s community of likeminded people


Your Gateway to a new Way of Living

OYA is an immersive experience that can be hyper personalized to each individual’s needs of healing and transformation.

OYA is also a community of collaboration and connection. OYA provides spaces to cook and eat together, play together, sing together, learn together, and engage in wonder together. OYA teaches through experience.

Keep it private or connect with others. It’s up to you.

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